by waris
(trivandrum,kerala, india)

Last night my wife accidently slept over my hand. I woke up in the middle of the night with tingling and numbness in forearms and elbow area as well.The tingling and numbness is continuing even after 24 hours.

What steps shall I take ?
What medicines do you suggest?
Is it permanent or will it go with time?

Is the tingling in both forearms?

These incidents do usually pass of their own accord assuming there is no injury to the neck, which seems unlikely. You make no mention of neck pain.
The best is to use your arms, swing them in a circle, move your wrists, and massage a muscle called the Pronator teres (see our Carpal Tunnel page) - use the Search this site facillity.

Frankly, without an examination, it's impossible to make a diagnosis, but it's certainly not time to become anxious yet. Prick both arms with a pin, and see if they are equal. Watch out for weakness in one arm, particularly doing pressups - the triceps is the most commonly affected.

If after a week the condition persists, best see your doctor. I wouldn't take any medication.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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