Tingling in arm, Tightness and Weakness of Hand

Relief, or worse?

Relief, or worse?

» Tingling in arm with tightness and weakness in hand

Hello! I am 22 y/o female in good health but have been experiencing symptoms of TOS for about 2 months. Onset was caused by doing two weeks of new exercises at the gym; pull down bar and weights.

I saw a sports medicine doctor who at first thought it was ulnar neuritis, but symptoms of tingling and weakness spread to upper arm and shoulder.

The most troublesome issue for me is cramping/weakness and loss of dexterity in my dominant hand. I did not injure the hand directly. Doctor then said it could be TOS and advised PT. Went to PT for about 2 weeks with little/no help. I am scheduled to see an orthopedist this week. I have never been to a chiropractor before. Do you think PT will help? Does the orthopedist need to run certain tests? What is the treatment process?

I feel like I really aggravated this with the exercises I was doing, so have since stopped, but then pain is still present. Please advise. Thank you.

Hello SMD,
I don't like pull downs; they often cause severe neck problems. Certainly in vulnerable people.

On what basis did the doctor make the diagnosis of TOS? Did he do Adson's test? It's done by checking the pulse in the wrist with specific movements of the neck. You can find it using the search function at chiropractic help.

Do you get relief, or does working with your arms above your head increase the tingling?

Specifically which fingers are affected, and which muscles did the doctor find were weak?

Using that search function, type in Upper Limb Tension Test. What's the result?

You make no mention of neck pain. Do any movements of the head increase the tingling in the arm, and do they provoke cervical spine pain? This is called Spurling's sign.

Certainly what's needed is a more in depth examination. That could be a competent and thorough chiropractor or orthopedist. After two months I think an xray of the neck would be indicated.

Let me know.

Dr B

» Tingling in arm with tightness and weakness in hand

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