tingling in arm and hand on left side

by Steve
(New york NY )

I first went to a ortho who did mri to rule out rotatorcuff or tear in arm or shoulder; who he believed it to be a pinched nerve.

Referred me to Neurologist who did an mri and have double herniated disc, and c6-c7 pinched nerve in neck. He has me in physical therapy, but when I leave tingling in arm and hand continues each time.

Can I expect any relief, or what friends are saying might need cortisone injections. Help.

Hello Steve,
I can't answer for whether you'll get relief from PT; I'm a chiropractor remember.

What I can tell you is that tingling and pain in your arm is one of the most difficult conditions we all face. This is particularly true if the upper limb tension and Spurling's tests are positive. Find them using the search function near the top of the navigation bar on the left; both can be done at home.

Cortisone injections may bring you short term relief but probably not much more.

If at the end of the course of PT you've found little relief, then perhaps start hunting for an experienced and thorough chiropractor.

Avoid carrying heavy parcels in your left arm.

By the way, if your raise your arm and place your hand on your head, does it relieve or increase the tingling? Is there mention of uncinate degeneration in the MRI report?

Dr B

» Tingling in arm and hand on left side

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