tingling fingers and shoulder/arm pain

by Dave C
(Santa Rosa, CA)

I have been experiencing quite a bit of pain the last couple of weeks in my neck, shoulder/shoulder blade, and down the back of my arm. Standing/walking helps, resting my hand on my head makes the tingling stop, sitting/laying down makes it worse.

It feels like there is a band of rope on top of my shoulder blade, and I haven't found a solution for the pain. I have tried heat and some light massage. I've been told I don't have the best posture, but I don't feel that I am hunched over. Any exercises/stretches you would recommend? Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover chiropractic care.

Thank you

Hello Dave,
What's important here is for a diagnosis to be made. You have a worrisome picture, known as the Shoulder Abduction Relief sign. Placing your hand on your head relieves the pain and tingling. In which case it's most unlikely that stretches will help.

Using the search function at Chiropractic Help, look up Upper Limb Tension Test. With help of a friend you can do it at home.

Ok, then it's time to go to your doctor. An xray is important in my book, and if there is any weakness in the arm, loss of reflex or sensory change when pricking with a pin, then an MRI.

Understand though that will be pointing you in the direction of the man with the knife. You've been saving a mint by having limited or no insurance. Is it perhaps time to bite the bullet and spend some of those savings?

Dr B

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