Tingling, burning left pinky and ring finger and chest pains.

by Melody

C8 dermatome

C8 dermatome

Ok, this all started after I got whiplash from my trunk crashing down on my head. Now I have tingling and numbness in my left hand (pinky and ring finger) I also have ice pick headaches. Another symptom is very sporatic chest pain that can either be above my left breast or to the middle! Are these classic signs of TOS?

Hello Melody,
Well yes, but they are also classic symptoms of other conditions. TOS often affects more of the hand, and the ring finger and pinkie are typical of a C8 nerve root injury.

That chest pain could be a referral from your neck, or a separate condition like Tietze's syndrome, or even related to your heart.

Only a careful thorough chiropractic examination will determine what the exact diagnosis is. See a competent experienced local DC. Get some X-rays taken.

An axial injury like that is very traumatic, affecting the sensitive upper cervical area too, the probably cause of your headaches. Have your BP checked too.

Let us know in a month or two how you are getting on.
Dr B

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Mar 29, 2012
Still having pain
by: Melody

I had a heart scan yesterday and all is good there! But when I got home o used post hole diggers in the garden. My upper chest is bothering me today. It is inermitten pain. My bp runs 115/75.... I just stay confused!?!?!?

Hello again Melody,
When you've had a serious injury... slow down. Using a post hole digger wasn't smart.

It certainly doesn't sound like a heart condition, costochondritis aka Tietze syndrome, or a referral from you neck.

Get a good thorough examination and in the meantime take things a bit quitely. Boring I know but less boring that this developing into a nasty chronic condition. See you local chiro.

Dr B

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