Tingling burning hip

Ankle complex posterior view

Ankle complex posterior view

Tingling burning hip

I sprained my right ankle two months ago and recently have had a hard time sleeping. When I sleep on my side, my right hip has a pins and needles feeling that gets so bad I have to sleep on my back.

Is there any chance that has anything to do with my sprained ankle? The ankle is still swollen and a little wobbly but better than before. I have been going on the treadmill.

Yes, there certainly is a chance that the tingling burning hip pain is related to your ankle.

A sprained ankle, particularly a bad sprain like you've had where it's still swollen and wobbly after two months, will affect your whole gait and is likely to have a knock on affect right up your hips, back and even neck.

A sprained ankle usually causes, amongst other things like torn ligaments, a subluxation of the ankle mortice or subtalar joints. That gives sharp stabs in the ankle when walking, changes your gait, and if not corrected will ultimately become arthritic, or cause chronic foot pain.

Back to your hip pain. Go to this Maignes syndrome page, scroll down to the graphic of the buttock. Which area is affected? Which nerve? Try and describe as accurately as you can EXACTLY where the burning pain is located.

Now, what provokes, aggravates the pain in your hip? If you bend forwards, sideways, backwards? Raising your leg whilst standing, pulling the knee to the chest...

Sitting in a chair do the Slump Test does it increase the hip pain? Back pain?

As you can see this is very complex, and only a careful and thorough examination will determine what's going on in your hip.

Meantime, start these Lower back exercises ... time to hunt for a thorough local chiropractor who also works with feet and ankles? Do your homework.

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Find a good chiropractor is your next stop.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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