tingling arms and chest

by Dave
(Newton, NJ)

Experienced brief numbness and tingling across the chest,and both shoulders, arms, and hands. It lasted only about 10 seconds, but reappeared about 1 week later, again for about 10 seconds. What could these symptoms mean?

Hello Dave,
In the absence of any neck or back pain or stiffness, it could be a number of things, some potentially serious; I wouldn't speculate, and it's probably not helpful for you to either.

Start by keeping a diary and cataloguing the attacks, as accurately as you can. When it's so short it will be difficult, but try and see if there's any movement that will relieve or increase the tingling.

Then start looking out for other things that might be associated. Headaches, changes in vision, muscle weakness, say. Then a visit to a neurologist is on the cards.

It doesn't sound like a job for a chiropractor to me.

Have your blood pressure and sugar checked.

Look up the terms oleic acid and myelin sheath on the internet. Start by making sure you are getting at least two tablespoons of unprocessed extra virgin olive oil each day in your diet.

Avoid margarine and all hydrogenated oils and particularly oxidised oils; as in a fish and chip shop that doesn't change it's oil daily. Do any of them?

Anything that affects that myelin sheath could produce bizarre generalised symptoms like you are getting.

Make sure you are getting at least five coloured foods into your diet daily; I aim for ten. That's where the anti oxidants are to be found.

Let us know in a few months if anything transpires.

Dr B

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