Tingling and weakness in left arm and leg

by Mary Anne

I'm a 28 yo female. I woke up to tingling in my left arm and leg with significant loss of strength in those limbs.

I was unable to bear any weight on left limbs. I fell down trying to arise from bed. But all symptoms resolved in 5 mins or so
leaving only minimal weakness in the left limbs. (wobbly feeling)

The same thing happened the next day upon waking. Same duration of 5 mins before spontaneous recovery.

The following mornings after that I'm experiencing the same tingling in left arm and leg
upon waking but with mild wobbliness. It's been 1 week. No complete loss of strength.

I never experienced any facial symptoms which leaves me to eliminate a mini-stroke
as a possible cause.

Short history: Suffered the same left sided limb weakness almost 3 years ago. I was reffered to a neuro, had nerve conduction test and results were insignificant.

4/5 muscle strength on left arm and leg. Doc seemed uninterested and told me to try to eat more.

Weakness never got better. Now with the flare ups I'm wondering if it's serious or should I
just ignore it since it seems to go away on it's own anyway.

My symptoms resolve so quickly that by the time I see a specialist, all symptoms are gone.
What could this be and what can I ask my doctor to do for me?

Hello Mary Anne,

Without doing a whole lot of tests, I'm afraid that I can't offer a possible diagnosis.

However, I personally think you should persue it since the weakness has remained for three years now.

You mention no pain or headaches which obviously is good.

You aren't on a high carbohydrate/ low fat diet by any chance? That is associated with certain serious neurological diseases. 60% of the brain is fat, and the nerves for conduction are coated with fat (called the myelin sheath). Loss of that sheath is very serious.

I would presume you've had blood tests so Pernicious Anemia (a B12 deficiency) would have been ruled out.

Prick yourself with a pin. Is there a difference right and left?

Do you know if any reflexes were increased?

I think a second opinion from another neurologist is in order. Ask for a brainscan.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. Keep in touch when you have some more information.

Dr B.

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Jan 27, 2011
Hey Paula
by: Mary Anne

Hi there Paula, thank you for your concern, however, your symptoms appear to be much more serious than mine. My headaches are nothing compared to yours. My symptoms does not severely affect quality of life. Get treatment ASAP and pls update us on your condition. Take care sweetie, hope you're ok.

Jan 24, 2011
fed upp
by: paula

Well today I am going to the doctor and not moving... my headaches are so severe now that I am sleeping non stop and the pain etc has moved to whole body. I am so tired, just washing up, thought I could handle 1 side but both no chance, pain is unbelievable and slept 20 hours yesterday. Any symptoms huni I would carry on at your doctor demand they do something

Paula, you need help. Get it. I've tried correcting your grammar, but it's clear that things are not well in the state of Denmark. Get help.

Jan 23, 2011
Hi again, Detailed history.
by: Mary Anne

Around age 7 I suffered joint pains in my knees. mostly at nights. The knee pains went away when I was in my early teens.

At 16 had joint pains again but this time included my wrists. By age 20 something joint aches were affecting my shoulders and hips as well. Hurts most at night. I never took meds for it cos it would go away on its own after a few hours. I finally went to see a doc about it when I couldn't bear the hip pains. The doc tested my blood for arthritis or inflammation. It was negative. Prescribed me some diclofenac.

After taking diclofenac I suddenly lost strength in my left limbs. No tingling at all though. I noticed it when I tried to get up from a chair and had trouble. I thought it was because of the meds. I went back to the doc who said it's not caused by the drug and referred me to a neurologist who told me to eat more. Anyway a year after first onset of weakness I got married and had a baby. When I received the epidural my entire left leg fell asleep. Couldn't move it at all. But my right
leg retained its strength. My left side seems to be so sensitive.

Headaches. Since I was a teen. Dunno if it's related. Severe headaches 1-2 mins after rising up from bed. Sometimes I see black patches. I have to stand still or lie back down and wait for it to pass. Usually less than two minutes. It hurts more if I'm moving. Pain feels heavy and tight/squeezing, dull but very strong. Can't pinpoint exact location of pain. Feels like the whole head. But it also spontaneously fades away. Kinda helps when I press the top of my head down hard. Saw a doc bout it once and she said I dream too much. Sorry to be so long winded. Which symptom do you think is relavant to mention to my doc that could be linked to my current left sided tingling and weakness.

Certainly if you are still getting headaches, mention that. However, the pattern of chronic headaches doesn't fit with a brain tumour.

I think there's quite a high probability that you had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis but the blood tests should have showed something.

Did/does that hip pain go into the groin? If so get a pelvic X-ray. There are various hip conditions like Hip Dysplasia that cause the symptoms you describe.

I recommend you have a test for Homocysteine. It's associated with the pains you describe.

Mary Anne, you obviously have one of those subclinical conditions that disturbs you, but nobody can accurately pinpoint. Be glad and get on with your life. Eat healthily, get plenty of exercise, talk to God, deal with your stress... the basics of a healthy life.

You twice mention doctors telling you to put on weight. Is that an issue? If you're not eating healthily you can't be healthy. Plenty of fresh fruit and salad and veg, and the healthy fats especially those found in the olive, avocado and fatty fish.

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