Tingling and shooting pains legs and arm with sore left foot if walk too long

by Sarah

I had a sudden sharp pain in my inside upper thigh and then any sudden movement would cause the pain again on and off ,

then i had tingling in leg and loss of sensation and then burning pain in foot with pain shooting pains in leg ,

i was told by my doctor i had pinced nerve and to rest , also had sore pain in back bra strap area all on left side , could this mean i have a problem with my spine?

saw neuro who said its a pinced .nerve ,reflexes ,normal and strenghth test normal

There are different things going on here, Sarah, but I need more detail to contribute meaningfully.

Do these tests for me please and let me have the results:

1. Bend slowly forwards, backwards, to the side. What do you feel. Be specific.

2. Do the Slump Test for Sciatica and let me have the result. Again be specific if you want a meaningful reply.

3. Do you think you have a "sore left foot" with walking, or is this a radiating pain from your back?

4. Lie on your back and pull first your right knee to the chest and then rotate the hip. Now with the naughty leg. Is there pain in the groin?

5. Palpate with your fingers around the pubic bones. Are they tender? Run your thumb down the inner thigh. Sore on the left? In the groin is it tender?

6. Sitting, rotate your trunk full to the right, then left, then laterally flex. Mid back pain? Rib pain? Breastbone tender?

Let me know.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

> > Tingling and shooting pains legs and arm with sore left foot if walk too long

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