Tingling and pressure in hands and arms are keeping me up all night.

by Maria
(Long Island, NY)

I can't sleep at night; the pressure seems to build up and I have to get up. It's tortuous and I despise taking medications to help me sleep but am forced to do so when this happens.

I had a slip and fall 2 years ago and finally saw a chiropractor 1 year ago. I saw her 3 times a week for 6 months and now I see her once a week for adjustments. She has provided tremendous relief but I still have occasional problems at night.

Since the fall I have also had vestibular problems and migraines. I have received several occipital nerve blocks which have helped those symptoms. But the pressure and tingling at night in both arms are causing me to consider surgical options. The pressure and pain are equal on both sides. Sitting up and moving around helps but at 2:00 am I cannot afford too many more nights like this. Please help.

Hello Maria,
I need more information. Do you have neck pain? If you turn your head, and then look up, do you get radiation to the arm? Do you become dizzy?

Which fingers tingle? If you prick your fingers, is one side more numb than the other?

Have x-rays been taken and what do they show? If not, I'd start there.

This is controversial and is simply my opinion. 3x26 weeks + 1x26 weeks = 100 treatments. If frank manipulation was being done each time then, in my opinion, you've had too much manipulation. If an activator instrument was used, or you weren't manipulated each time, then that changes things.

I'd talk frankly to your chiropractor about this; obviously I know nothing of your case, so I probably should hold my tongue. But you are clearly an unhappy camper.

Perhaps a treatment once a month now, with some massage in between. Perhaps some exercises. Cervical traction sometimes helps. An orthopaedic opinion, or even from another chiropractor.

Personally, if you are experiencing vertigo, with what's called nystagmus (vestibular problems) then I'm reluctant to do frank manipulation on the neck.

Any jaw joint pain, clicking or popping sounds? When you fell, did the jaw take a knock?

All of this is opening a can of worms, Maria. How about, print this out, and discuss it with your chiropractor; you've obviously been helped greatly and have confidence in your chiropractor. Like two mature adults talk through these things.

Let me know how you get on. I hope this contributes rather than confusion.

Dr B

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