tingling and pain in arm when raised

by Brian

What could cause the tingling in my arm when I raise it? I am a diabetic.

The most probably cause is a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Brian. Raising the arm closes down the space between the first rib, the collarbone and two muscles. Both the artery to the arm and the nerves can be affected.

Type it into the Search engine at Chiropractic Help for details about the condition.

Diabetes, if you are not well controlled, aggravates all nerve and blood vessel conditions. If you behave, diabetes is an irritant and not much more. Misbehave and it can be very nasty.

Do you know about the Glycemic Index of carbohydrates? It makes the management of diabetes so much easier.


In TOS, the first rib needs adjusting. Routine Chiropractic stuff. I hope this has contributed. The standard orthopaedic test is called Adson's test.

Dr B

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