Tingling and numbness on right arm and fingers

by Victor
(Nigeria, abuja)

I am 43 years, was involved in MVA some years back. I am having numbness anD tingling on my right fingers and arm. When I reported to my physician he sent me for x ray of the neck which reveal developing cervical spondylitis and osteoarthritis. I am not feeling pains in my arm but sometimes I have painful headaches. My physician placed me on Celebrex and lyrica. But the numbness and tingling still continued. What do I do next?

Hello Victor,
This is a fairly typical story after an accident in which you had an injury to your neck.

Obviously first choice is to see a chiropractor in your area, but I have no idea whether such exists.

Are there physiotherapists? You could try our stiff neck exercises which you can find using the search function at chiropractic help.

Untreated I'm afraid it's likely to progress and end up in a neck operation; I don't what else to suggest. A home traction unit is not very expensive and might help.

Dr B

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