tingling and numbness in left hand with sharp pain and some weakness

by Dean
(Albany,Or USA)

Intermittent discomfort usually in the morning, my left hand starts tingling and feels numb in fingers 2/3/4 which continues to the outside of my forearm accompanied with a sharp stabbing pain from palm to the back of my hand.

Hello Dean,
This fits no typical neurological pattern except that C7 sometimes touches the second and fourth fingers as well as the traditional middle.

It could also be a median nerve variant, but would normally include the thumb.

You make no mention of neck pain.

Try and work out exactly which movements are weak. Is it wrist extension or flexion? Interlock your bent fingers from opposite hands and pull; is it flexion of the digits?

Squeeze opposite pinkie and thumb together, known as opposition, and see how easy it is to open with the other hand; compare with the right.

Hold a piece of paper between straight fingers, and try to pull it out with the other hand. And similarly with the elbow; the triceps is often affected. Can you do press ups?

Press in the front of the wrist and anterior elbow; any specific tenderness? Do you do a lot of physical work with your left hand? Mouse?

Then I would check the reflexes, which is difficult for you, but you could do the upper limb tension test at home.

I would check the pulse in your wrist with movements of the neck, known as Adson's test.

In short there are plenty of possibilities. Look out for what provokes or relieves the tingling. You'll need to see a professional for this one.

Good luck, let me know.

Dr B

» tingling and numbness in left hand with sharp pain and some weakness

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