Tingling and numbness in left buttock, groin, back of thigh running down to toes

by Iram ali

Slump test for sciatica

Slump test for sciatica

Tingling and numbness in left buttock, groin, back of thigh running down to toes is a serious complaint, especially if weakness develops.

Hi, I managed to fall from some height and landed on my feet. Mri/CT scan showed I have burst my L4. After 5 days of hospitilisation my consultant decided to give me a tslo brace to wear during the day and take off when in bed. They told me I should mobilise as normal, however no bending of the back. It has been 7 weeks now, and my left leg and foot has gone numb with a tingling sensation. It also feels colder than usual.

I went to a and e and after 4 hours of wait the doctor checked my reflexes on knee and ankle and was perfectly fine. He said I could walk and haven't lost my motor senses so there's nothing to worry about. I've now made an appointment to see my GP; however I am extremely worried it might be loss of blood supply to my leg? Please would you be able to enlighten with more information. Thank you.

Hello Iram,
There's little likelihood of blood loss to your leg but if you're a smoker perhaps ask your GP if he would test to see if the pulse behind the inner ankle malleolus is present; he'll understand.

The thing to watch for is an inability to lift your big toe, or stand on your toes, lifting the heel.

You can live with numbness and tingling, disconcerting though they may be; if you leg becomes weak, what we call paresis, you shouldn't accept it. I may become permanent. Look out for a limp too; it's the sign of early weakness.

Our slump test for sciatica will give another clue as to how you are progressing. Take note of which toes are affected.

I would recommend some gentle lower back exercises; you can find them on our site, but I'd ask your doctor for direction. I haven't been able to examine you.

Sit less.

It's really up to you whether you are going to wait this out, go for surgery, or see a chiropractor.

» Tingling and numbness in left buttock, groin, back of thigh running down to toes

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