Tingling and numbness in left arm.

by Joel
(Webb City, MO)

For over a month now I have been having a tingling/cold feeling in my left arm. Sometimes also, the right arm but never as severe as the left. I have had some chiropractic care (about 5 sessions) that has not provided any relief. I have also had one session of neck traction which also didn't seem to provide much relief. I don't appear to have any weakness or loss of function, but it is very concerning.

I also recently had lumbar surgery (L5-S1), but nothing involving the neck area. Also, my traps have been extremely tight and sore lately.

Does this sound like nerve impingement? Or could it be something more serious? I have not had an MRI or x-rays or anything like that, but the basic physical exams don't indicate disc issues. With some of the other symptoms I have been having post lumbar surgery I am concerned that I have something more serious. Like MS or other such neurologic disorder.

Any help/thoughts you can provide would be most appreciated.

Hello Joel,
When was the lower back surgery? Depending on how it was done, sometimes the anaesthetist puts your neck into extension to keep the airway open, and it may provoke these symptoms.

You've done the right thing and gone for conservative treatment; now is the time for some xrays.

Do any movements of your head and neck provoke the tingling? Using the search function at Chiropractic Help, find the "upper limb tension test". Is it positive?

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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Aug 21, 2015
Numbness and tingling
by: Joel

My surgery was almost 9 weeks ago. These symptoms started several weeks (maybe 4) after my surgery. I will look for that test.

Good, it will help. I'm away until 15 September.

Dr B

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