Tingling and itching fingers after a injury

by Rob
(Woodland Hills CA)

Tingling and itching fingers after a injury

Last week I jumped about 15 feet from a rooftop and landed on my feet, however at the moment of impact, my neck twisted and felt like it went backwards. At the same time, both my hands felt like shock was going through them and then a tingling sensation. A few days later, I still have the tingling and then also annoying itching through both my hands. "Scary Feeling"

Please let me know if there problem will go away or if I should take some sort of medication?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Rob,
I doubt medication, but if the tingling persists more than a week or so, or if your arm starts to get numb or weak, then you certainly need a thorough examination.

That's quite a jump, and axial pressure is hard on the spine. You may have slipped a disc.

Meantime, just be careful, no gym, no silly-buggers! Be gentle with your body for a few weeks and with luck it'll pass over.

We rate symptoms in the arms and legs more seriously, so if this tingling and itching remains then find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

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Dr B

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