Tingling aching feeling from my left side of my neck, shoulder, hand, right down to my little, ring and middle fingers.

by Richard


I'm 36 years old.
I've tingling aching feeling from my left side of my neck, left shoulder, left hand, right down to my little, ring and middle fingers. specially middle finger.

The aching feeling will come, specially when I sit down and write. I'm left handed.
When I don't use my left hand, resting, I don't feel much of the ache.

It's more of a irritating aching, tingling sensation, than a pain.
I've to "crack" my neck(by turning left and right), use heat rub oilment/cream, or press on my left neck to feel temporary comfort.

I have this problem since childhood, as far as I can remember. About 12 years old.

I'm not sure what is the problem.
Please advise.

Thank you so much.


Dear Richard,
The first and most difficult for you, is to stop cracking your own neck. It's going to be hard, but my experience is that people who crack their own necks always start getting pain down the arm. What you have almost certainly is a pinched nerve in the neck, though that can only be confirmed by examination.
What is not absolutely clear is that the tingling in your hand seems to cross two dermatomes - a careful thorough examination is called for.

I wonder if Dr Neil Stakes is still in Singapore? I can recommend him, but otherwise ask friends and your doctor too perhaps for the name of a good chiropractor.

My solution for habitual cracking of the neck is:
* An occasional but regular chiropractic adjustment, perhaps once a month.
* A regular short massage of the neck, a wife?
* Exercises for the neck, done when you feel the need to crack your neck.
If you go on cracking your neck you will almost certainly end up with a neurosurgeon. Get some X-rays.

PS. I've just googled Dr STakes, he is still in Singapore.

I hope this contributes. STOP CRACKIN YOUR OWN NECK. OR ELSE!

Dr B

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