Tingle face, Pain back head radiating, comprehension issues and "lightheaded"

Trying to figure out a path of continued care. I have been thru all major tests. Nuclear stress (heart) eeg, MRI/MRA head/neck. Blood tests all good except for low T. Still no concrete info other than those tests are clear of any problems. Been to chiropractor and sometimes relieves issues for a short time other not so much. He thinks possible TOS but not confirmed. Ideas for next step??

Hello Tim,
The cervical spine doesn't supply nerves to the face so any pain in the suboccipital region is most likely a referral.

My only contribution is to ask if you have any jaw joint issues? Place your index fingers just in front of your ears, open and close the mouth; any tenderness, clicking or popping sounds?

It's good obviously that all these tests are negative, but still no diagnosis. Ask about the parathyroid gland. Calcium levels can cause tingling in the face, especially around the lips, I believe.

Dr B

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