tightness of skin and pain down left side of body from top of rib cage to toes

by Mary Green

I had a misplace epidural 36 years ago and have always had problems since. ( i was told i could have arachnoiditis). 15 months ago I had tingles in lip, hand and leg then suffered a 'full blown' attack when out with my friends. The tingling/tightness went from my toes to my neck. I was checked for a stroke which was ruled out but I had sensation of coldness inside of leg and walking on glass sensation also weakness in my arm I was very tired and ill.

To date I have had CT and MRI scan have seen neurologist, rheumatologist, have spent £700 seeing sports theraphist, bowen technique, acupunture, reflexology but no-one seems to have found the problem I am getting a little better, but the tightnesss and pain hasn't, completly gone since it happened last september.

It hurts my knee and ankle when I walk and can only wear one pair of shoes as others seem to make the pain worse.

I also have pain in left buttock especially when in bed. I really need some help with this pain, hoping you can shed some light on my problem Thank you, mary green uk

Hello Mary,
This is complex, and I suspect there are different things going on.

You probably had two TIAs, Temporary Ischemic Attacks, or mini-strokes that leave no tell tale marks on the scans.

I'm sure your doctors have considered this, and made some suggestions. First, vital that your blood pressure is under control.

Secondly that you get your omega-6/omega-3 ratio down. That means increasing the amount of omega-3 foods, and reducing the omega-6 oils.

To do the former, get yourself a little coffee grinder, inexpensive on Amazon and find a source of flax seed. Huge amounts grown in England, so must be available. Every day grind one tablespoon and sprinkle on your oats muesli. Oats to reduce any cholesterol problems lurking.

If you're not a vegetarian, start eating fatty fish at least twice a week, and take an omega-3 capsule.

Your hip / knee / ankle all need to be carefully examined to find out why you are having those pains and can only wear one pair of shoes.

One last thought, this off the wall. Spinal stenosis in the neck causes bizarre symptoms in the legs. Very stiff neck?

The tightness of skin. Afraid I have no idea.

This is all very speculative, Mary, since I haven't the opportunity to examine you, do a neurological and orthopaedic exam. May be way off track, but the best I can do.

Dr B

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

To do the latter, change from seed oils to olive oil which is low in omega-6.

Take a daily walk, rain or shine, don't slip on the ice! Always with a stick, if only to fend any dogs off.

That pain in your hip at night could be many things. A pinched nerve following the Femoral nerve, often worse at night. Hip arthritis, various hip/ groin conditions all of which cause hip pain.

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