Thrown out back; now groin pain?

by Joseph

Thrown out back; now groin pain suggests a femoral nerve lesion.

Picked up a shop vacuum, felt my back give out. I have thrown out my back a few times before, have had slipped discs and have L3-L5 fused. Normally when I throw out my back, I instantly take to the couch and after a few days I start to feel better; but not this time. Going on 3 weeks now; had MRI of back and X-ray of the hip.

Doctors say no pinched nerve, although that's what it feels like.

Massage therapy hasn't helped and I can't do chiropractic healing because I can't lay on my stomach without my back spasming.

Pain radiates to my inner groin (approximately the fold between the leg and the hip. Got a cortisone shot in my hip yesterday, but that has not helped with the pain.

Another weird symptom I am experiencing is lightheadedness. It mainly happens when I try to take a shower, but also happens when I just sit up to do anything.
At this point I'm just looking for any recommendations. If it's not a pinched nerve and NOTHING is helping with the pain, then what is it?

Hello Joseph,
Firstly, with acute lower back pain, an experienced chiropractor will know you can't lie on your belly, and keep you on your side most or all of the time; a cushion under the hips sometimes helps, and another under the feet, slightly flexing the knees.

When the lower lumbars are fused then usually the problem starts higher up affecting either the femoral nerve, or one of its little slips which include the groin, or the superior cluneal nerve in the so called Maigne's syndrome.

Is the knee starting to give? Did someone check the knee jerk reflex?

Ask a friend to help with this test; do it carefully as it can make you worse! Lying on your tum bend the knee, and ask your partner to gently lift the knee, extending the hip. What do you feel in the groin and front of the thigh? Compare with the other leg.

Then, sitting in a normal kitchen chair ask your partner to gently raise your leg parallel to the ground, then the other.

The dizziness is probably caused either by the pain or medication.

Take care, Joseph or you may be in for another fusion. Do some gentle exercises lying on your bed of woe, use ice and heat for pain control, don't bend and generally be very careful.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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