Thoraco lumbar junction pain (Maignes syndrome)

by Jeff

Maignes syndrome radiation.

Maignes syndrome radiation.

I just stumbled upon a page about TLJ Syndrome. And then I found your page.

I was reading the symptoms, and they are very, very similar sounding to what I have had now for several weeks - a lower back pain on only my right side, as well as low abdominal pain (bubbly intestines and stomach), and burning/numbness above my right hip and in my abdominal area below my stomach.

I am wondering...

1) Do most chiropractors know about this TLJ syndrome, or is it something that requires a specialist? I went to my chiropractor recently, and he did some adjustments, but did not find anything there.

2) It said that most patients report no pain in the TLJ area... however, I do have a pain there, or more like just a sensation... something feels "off" in that area, right in my middle back around where the ribs end. It is only on the right side, just by my spine. I also have trouble bending over completely and it strains right there when I do. Does this still mean that I could have TLJ syndrome (even though I can feel the pain there)?

I had been doing some flexibility stretches prior to this starting, and I am quite certain I took them way to far as all of this started shortly thereafter.

Please let me know what you think, as I am very interested in solving this. It has been going on for almost a month now.

Hello Jeff,
Whilst the Thoraco Lumbar junction syndrome of Maigne often causes no pain in that area, that is certainly not always the case.

First things, first. I'd get your appendix checked out. A burst appendix is not pretty and can certainly refer pain to the back. No constipation, no other bowel, bladder, prostate complaints?

T12 and L1 are particularly difficult for your chiropractor to adjust. At least, I find them difficult, so it may take several treatments.

Maignes syndrome often radiates to the buttock, side of the leg and groin.

Type "Maignes syndrome exercises" into the Search this site at Chiropractic Help. You can do these at home and they will certainly help too.

Good luck, let me know in a month how you are getting on.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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