Thoracic spine scoliosis

by OAO
(Ibadan Nigeria )

Dear sir we have resolved that my daughter come straight to your clinic rather than go through Port Elizabeth for consultation. Please will you be willing to see her. We need your prompt confirmation before making travel arrangements. I could explain further if I have your email contact. Mine is


Dear OAO,
Yes, of course, but there are difficulties for you, her, your wife.
It would involve a flight to Johannesburg, second flight, Johannesburg - Pietermaritzburg with Airlink (small regional airline). Hire a car, half hour drive, Bed and breakfast for 10 days.

I'd like to see her X-ray first. Please get them, photograph them with digital camera with the flash off, and send to

If your wife is going to be in Port Elizabeth anyway, treatment there would be far simpler. Dr Hill is a very experienced chiropractor.

Your decision.

Dr B

[] in email to stop spamming.

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