Thoracic spine pain

by Marko


I am already going to a chiropractic for a couple of months.
I've had both shoulders injured. I've had problems with my thoracic spine, weak muscles and round shoulders. But lately I have more pain in my chest, and I have already exlucded heart pain. And I have tingling in my left ring and middle finger.

I don't know weather my chiro is helping me or making me worse. I have pain in my chest while I lay on my back with my head on the pillow. Every chest opening exercise is helping while closing is painful; when I get cold, because while warm it is ok.

Thank you in advance,


Hello Marko,
There are different techniques for adjusting the ribs and one of them that we all commonly use, whilst lying on the belly, is to do a straight posterior to anterior thrust.

The problem is that in some individuals, if it's too heavily done, it will strain the joint in the front of the chest between the ribs and the sternum; it's called Tietze's syndrome. You can read about it by using the Site Search function.

Suggest to your chiropractor that he only do "anterior thoracic" type adjustments. And mobilisation from posterior to anterior.

I hope this contribues.

Dr B

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