Thanks from a Physiotherapy Student

by Kate

Your website is amazing. At the moment I have 8 different pages open ready for reading when I'm done with the one I'm currently on. Your knowledge is extraordinary, and I love spending time reading through your thorough explanations of various conditions, and the way that one can help themselves with regular training.

Specifically the lower back pain topics are particularly useful (your recent newsletter was great!) Thank you so much! I have been inspired to buy your book BATS IN MY BELFRY, I am looking forward to reading it, as I am sure it is as equally interesting as your website. Keep up the wonderful work.

Dear Kate,
I can survive for two months on a compliment like that! Thank you.

Bats I'm afraid is only downloadable as a pdf in your neck of the woods. Postage is too much. But putting it onto a laptop, ipad, Kindle... is an easy way to read Bats, and Stones in my Clog for that matter too.

Visit some local chiropractors during your training. Many of the best chiros in Holland, first trained as phyios, and then went on to do chiropractic. It's probably the same in Denmark.

Ah, the fish we had in... Svendborg? was it. So lucky to have all that delic fatty fish. I miss it terribly here in sunny South Africa.

Kind regards,

Dr B

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