Thank you for the website

by Demetrios Stavros
(Toronto, Ontario, canada)

Hi Dr. Lewis.

I'm a chiropractor in Toronto, Ontario and have been licensed since 2009. I've been working in a interdisciplinary clinic since that time together with physiotherapists, kinesiologists, registered massage therapist and physicians in the adjacent urgent care clinic. In addition I treat many patients with significant traumatic injuries at their homes.

I've just stumble upon your website while researching costosternal pain and had a chance to spend some time looking over some of your information.

Your website offers a great resource of relevant information for chiropractic practitioners. It's reassuring to see that there is a great community of chiropractors devoted to bettering our profession and improving our relationships with other health care practitioners.

Thanks for the hard work you're doing for the rest of us.


Demetrios Stavros

Thanks for the compliments, Dr Demetrios.

Chiropractic has been such a wonderful profession for me, that I decided it was time to give something back. Plus it's sharpened my own skills and knowledge obviously.

If you're totally bored, I've been invited to give a presentation on the management of Tietze's syndrome at the South African Chiropractic congress in September! Long way, but we could organise for you to see a buffalo and a crocodile...!

Barrie Lewis DC

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