Pain in the sub talus joint

by Paul

What can be done to stop the pain? I fell of a roof and shattered this bone in my ankle.

Hello Paul,

Probably quite a lot can be done, but only a careful, thorough examination by a chiropractor experienced in treating feet will be able to decide just how much.

Contact your local chiropractic association - where is Cumbria? UK? Contact the BCA - for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification. Sports chiropractic.

Take your X-rays with you. If the hospital won't release them, go to the radiological dept and take digital photographs of them with your camera. It works well.

Be prepared to exercise the ankle for the rest of your life. Take Omega 3 oil and eat fatty fish regularly. If you're overweight... you know what!

Good luck.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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Apr 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

I asked a question a while ago and got lots of help. It was about a fall and a shoulder injury, with burnning on inside of arm, and tingling and numbness in ring finger and pinky with sharp pain all the time and worse when using it at work with no strenghth at all...
Now I'm being told that I have complex regional pain syndrome in my arm. They did operate on my shoulder and are going to try and get more movement out of it again.. what is the long term outcome of this CRPS I have.

I take it you haven't been to a chiropractor. Shoulder operations, in fact any operations can set up these nasty syndromes, an upset of the autonomic nervous system. The nerve was injured, either in the fall, or even in the surgery. It's medical name is Causalgia.

Before you have a manipulation under anaesthetic - I presume that is what is intended - why not see a chiropractor who does ART for an opinion?

That pain pattern is typical of a C8 neuralgia - it's all coming from your neck, and until that is sorted, your arm will never come right.

Read the second case at this page:

Causalgia certainly responds to Chiropractic, especially in it's acute phase, but cases only find themselves occasionally into the Chiropractic clinics, so I have nothing on the subject at C-H.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Ankle Bone maybe Talus Bone

I was on the stairs and I jumped from the fourth stair and now my right foot hurts pretty badly; it's right under my ankle and above the foot area. I iced it and now I have an ace bandage. I'm currently icing it twenty minutes every other hour. I don't see any swelling but it does hurt when I walk; very bad. What should I do? I'm doing the rice method it's been eight or so hours since the injury.

It's all speculation but you have probably subluxated the ankle mortice or subatalar joint; it causes a sharp stabbing pain when walking.

Wiggle the ankle around, making the letters of the alphabet in space whilst sitting. If the pain doesn't let up in a couple days you'll need to see a chiropractor who specialises in feet. Do your homework before making an appointment; an adjustment of the spine probably won't help. Find the right person.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Talus fracture

by Paul burwell

It's been 22 years since I broke my talus bone in my right foot, I've always had pain in it and I limp a lot some days; it's worse and my ankle gives way, and I have pain in my leg and lower back, I think due to the fact I can't walk properly, it also swells up some days.

Hello Paul,
It's a difficult situation obviously. Have you had a recent xray?

Start looking for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; it's a sport injury diploma. They could best answer your question as to whether chiropractic could be of benefit.

In short, mobilisation of the ankle will almost certainly help, but not cure. In fact, nothing will cure it.

Orthopaedic medicine might well recommend fusion of the joint. It would lessen the pain, but worsen your gait probably. Hard decisions lie ahead.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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