T-2 area pain - not having much success

Hello and thank you for taking time here.

I am 49 year old male. For 2 months I have had pain in what I thought was my lower neck. Once I saw a chiropractor it turns out it is T-2.

Symptoms are:
General deep ache at T-2.
Painful/sensitive when I touch just to the left and right side of that boney joint.
Pain can radiate up L & R back side into my Trapezious, this pain is stabbing and intermittent.

I have been to the Chiropractor 8 times over the past 3.5 weeks, and at his recommendation, have combined his adjustments, with 20 minute back/shoulder massage immediately after the adjustments, at a local place nearby.

I have ended up with some relief, about a 40% reduction in pain after these adjustments, however it has not lasted more than through that day. By next morning I wake up tight, and tender and aching. The chiropractor says he can tell I am getting easier to adjust, and we are adjusting M-W-F 3x a week as it is my only pain relief. Advil does not help.

On one occasion last week, I did get a 60-70% reduction in the pain which lasted for almost 2 days. However this week it is back as bad as ever. This morning it is painful to take a deep breath, which is why I am writing in, trying to advance my knowledge.

Thanks again for your time.

Hello Scott,
What I can tell you is that T2 is probably the most difficult bone in the spine to adjust, so it may just be a technical problem.

However, let's look a little further.

1. After 8 treatments you've had no significant relief.

2. There's no radiation to the arms, right?

3. Which movements are most painful, and where does it hurt most of all?

4. You're in good health. Have you had any significant trauma?

5. If you haven't had xrays it's perhaps time.

6. There was presumably fairly sudden onset. Have you any idea what caused it?

7. Does your chiropractor seem to have technically speaking good skills? Are you getting releases when he does the manipulation?

8. You don't sleep on your tum? One pillow?

9. The pain with breathing suggests a rib subluxation. But no reason to suspect a lung problem? Are you a smoker?

Give me some answers, and we'll take this further. Keep to this thread please.

Dr B

» T-2 area pain - not having much success

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