Swollen Sterno Clavicle Joint and upper chest

by Amanda
(KL, Malaysia)

Swollen Sterno Clavicle Joint and upper chest means it could be either a medical or chiropractic problem.

Dear Dr. B,

Many thanks for your information on
Tietze's syndrome, I have had a good read & presume that I would not get all the symptoms. I do not have tingling in the arm or hands, I do not get chest like heart attack pain etc, but the puffy bone hurts.

I have tried the cold pack but the swelling still remains. You are more than welcome to use the previous photo's. I will check with a chiropractor again & hope this can be sorted out.

I have attached a couple more picture of the puffy sternum.

Kind regards,


Ps. I don't eat cupcakes!

Hello Amanda,
I presume you've had a chest x-ray and bloods done; no cough?

To be honest, I'm unsure not knowing your full history, what tests you've had, and so on. This looks a little atypical, so I would continue to pursue this both from a medical and chiropractic angle.

Quite correct, you don't have to have the tingling in the arm; but if it starts, don't get unduly alarmed.

Keep to the same thread please, and let me know what transpires; I'm curious.

Glad to hear you don't eat cupcakes! Dangerous treats.

Dr B

» Swollen Sterno Clavicle Joint and upper chest

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