Swollen chest

by Musa Khosa
(South Africa)

I have recently noticed swelling in my chest, maybe 3 or 4 months. In between the collar bone, sternum and the ribs/cartilage area. I went to a GP and he prescribed me antibiotics but no change. I did an x-ray but it showed nothing, apart from inflammed airways related to allergic asthma I have.

It is not particularly painful when touching but there is a slight discomfort and the colour around the area is different, and I think it might be causing my throat to itch. Should I be worried of something more scary or it could be Tietze's Syndrome?


Hello Musa,
I too thought that Tietze's syndrome is a distinct possibility. Could you send me a photograph to contact? Is it a visible swelling?

Why did your doctor prescribe antibiotics; he must be thinking infection. Do you have a fever, or did he hear something unsusal on the lung examination?

He look for swollen lymph nodes elsewhere? In your armpit and groin for example.

I take it you have read the pages on Tietze's syndrome at Chiropractic Help.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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