Swelling foot

by Marcie
(Williston, FL USA)

I woke one morning and my sciatic n. was pinched in my spine. I couldn't walk but crawled to my golf cart and went next door. Twice the emergency room gave me pain shots. Went to a doctor who did 2 injections each side lateral to my spine. I had 4 sets and then I quit.

All of a sudden my whole lower right leg would swell when I walked. Now it is mostly just my foot unless I do a lot of walking. My right Femoral nerve has a bit of numbness. I had circulation tests and have good circulation. Why is this swelling happening?

Hello Marcie,
There's a real problem here with a correct diagnosis. Is it a sciatic, or femoral, nerve problem. It can be both, but it's unlikely. Neither will cause swelling in your leg or foot.

Or, is it something quite different? Normally with swelling in the foot we think of a local problem, for example a spider bite, affecting lymphatic drainage, or heart or kidney failure.

Or, you could have both a nerve problem from the back, and vascular condition causing swelling.

How's your general health? BP okay, no diabetes, your weight?

Frankly, pain shots for a pinched sciatic nerve, if that's what you actually had, makes no more sense than treating a broken ankle with pain shots. Addressing the problem, not pain relief, is the issue.

I would go to someone quite new and different; your current doctors are missing something. Obviously I have no clue what it is. A good second opinion, and thorough examination is called for.

Good luck. Let us know when someone smart gets to the root of your problem.

Dr B

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