Suspected Femoral Nerve

by Debbie
(Kanssa City MO)

I just want to know where I can find a chiropracter that subscribes to your methods in the United States! I live in the Kansas City, Missouri area and would love to find a chiropracter with your knowledge and same school of thought!

There I can't help you, Debbie, but thank you for the compliment; I can survive a whole week on letters like this!

There are so many good chiropractors, but like finding a good dentist, surgeon... you have to do your homework. Talk to friends, your doctor and colleagues.

Type find a good chiropractor into the Search this site function in the navigation bar; perhaps that will help you get some ideas.

Start doing some of our gentle lower back exercises every morning before getting out of bed; kan geen kwaad as we say in Dutch. They can't do any harm, the first requirement of any treatment.

Good luck, let us know in a month how you found your great chiropractor.

Dr B

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Nov 06, 2015
Need help with femoral neuropathy

Hello Debbie
I have femoral neuropaty live in Va .....i know it is very hard to find someone that knows what they are doing and knows how to help us.
Going on 26 months ....I have leg pain .. still and now my back is giving me problems and the doctor said I should have been better in one year!!That was 14 months ago!!
After MRI they could not find anything wrong with me now they want me to take epidural shots in they know nothing of healing my affliction now iI get TENS treatment !!?? I can do that at home. I am so disgusted to have to leave to chance and to have to find someone who can help me....
Hope I we can find someone ..
good luck to you
Hoping some one will have an answer and has treatment.......
As of now body has deteriorated 40% to my demise
Please if anyone has an answer please leave a message

thank you
God bless

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