Superficial tingling numbness and coldness in lower legs

by Stephanie
(Vineland, NJ)

Superficial tingling numbness and coldness in lower legs

About 2.5 weeks ago while sitting on my couch working with laptop & laptop desk on my lap for a few hours, I felt pins and needles in both legs from the knee down and thought both legs "fell asleep" due to sitting in this same position for a while.

When that feeling subsided a few moments later, I still felt some remaining slight tingling and numbness in my lower legs and toes. That feeling has continued and is very strange. It feels as if I received a shot of novacaine that is beginning to wear off.

It is in a very specific area in the same spots on both legs. It begins an inch or two below the knee and goes down into my feet. But is only on the outside of each leg, so from about the outside edge of my shinbone to just about the back middle part of the leg.

in my feet it is milder but goes along the outside edge of both feet into the toes stronger towards the little toe and not as much towards the big toes. As I mentioned it feels very superficial and is the craziest feeling, for example when I shave my legs. When I start on the inside of my leg it feels normal. As I progress towards the affected side the sensation become more pronounced.

There is no pain at all. None in my legs, none in my back, etc.

They also feel as if they are terribly cold all the time although they are not actually that cold to the touch...maybe just a bit cooler down by my feet than up by my knees. I do have scoliosis with a double curvature but have not received any chiropractic treatment since I was a teenager and do not experience any back pain since I had a breast reduction at 28 yoa. I am now 39 yoa.

Even as a teen, the treatments were because my mom made me after a positive scoliosis screen at school, not due to any symptoms on my part.

Should I be evaluated by a chiropractor? I have an appt with my GP to ask for blood work to investigate the possibility of B12 deficient, thyroid issues or MS. Last year I did find out I had iron deficiency anemia which he has been following up on and at that time serum B12, folate & TSH were all normal.

It wasn't until I came across your page that I even thought of chiropractic evaluation as an option. Any feedback you can provide would be very much appreciated.

Dear Stephanie,
Thank you for a very clear report in the Queen's English!

My initial impression was that this is probably not a chiropractic problem. No back pain, no leg pain, tingling in both legs, but...

* You do have a double scoliosis

* The pattern does follow much of the S1 dermatome, which does not always include the upper leg.

Can you in any way provoke the tingling and numb feeling. Does any combination of bending, twisting, moving your legs bring on the symtoms?

Alternately, is there anything you can do to relieve them?

You could try this Slump test for Sciatica but it will be difficult to interpret because you are getting the tingly feeling in both legs.

Honest injun? I'm not sure. Start with your doctor as you are doing; if s/he comes up with nothing, then start shopping around for a thorough chiropractor. This isn't run of the mill stuff. Find a good chiropractor would then be your next stop.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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