sudden side pain in the inner left thigh, lower back an buttocks

I have had many tests this past year for my right groin area pain when prolonged standing and when my bowels are full. Now I'm schedule to have a colonoscopy on Thursday.

But just one day before I was sitting too long on a stool and now I get very painful streaks of pain on my left thigh and radiates through my lower back and growing; hurts and it is quite frequent and getting more intense.
Should I let the surgeon know before the colonoscopy?

Yes, that would be wise; simply getting to the hospital for the colonoscopy may not be the best for your back.

Does bending forwards, backwards and to the side hurt in the back or leg? Does pulling your knee to the chest hurt in the groin?

It's not clear whether this is a hip, lower back or bowel issue; but an expert clinician shouldn't have difficulty deciding; the problem is that sometimes it could be both.

And a lower back condition, if it affects the equina chorda can hinder your bowel and bladder.

Dr B

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