Sudden immobilizing sharp pain in right side of back

Unsure what to do. The only relief I get is if I can lay flat on my back on a hard surface. Once I am relaxed enough and able to do very slow pelvic thrusts and then lifting my arms from straight out on either side over my chest. All of this will cause a great amount of popping in my spine. I am able to get up and move around but if I am too quick to react to something, turn or jerk too guickly it happens again.

Worst scenario is when trying to prepare a meal or wash dishes. At times I literally find myself frozen in pain. I am over weight and have significantly large breasts and wonder if all of this is causing my issue.

I spent a few weeks last year going through this with X-ray and scans and found nothing. I had to stay home from work so that I could go braless which helps considerably. Eventually the pain stopped or I got used to it but now it is ten times worse. I do get relief from 800mg ibuprofen but hate taking it and do not want to take pills. Please help!

Start by trying to work out what provokes the pain; it take it it's in the midback, somewhere between the shoulderblades. Is that right?

For example, what happens if you take a deep breath? If, sitting, you rotate to the side, laterally flex sideways, backwards, forwards, what happens?

If, lying on your tum, your partner presses just to the side of the spine, what happens? Is it radiating under the armpit, and breast towards the sternum? If you press on the breastbone is it very tender?

Do movements of your head and neck provoke the pain. There really are a lot of possibilities, quite apart from a something in the chest or abdomen. Do you have a cough?

Forget the word diet, they don't work, and discover the meaning of glycemic index; then you can get it off permanently if you're prepared to avoid high glycemic foods like white rice, refined bread and cake flour goodies; colas too. Artificial sweeteners are even worse than sugar, causing metabolic syndrome.

Otherwise next it will be disabling knee and foot conditions, diabetes and the like; if you don't like pain and pills get it off one way or another; it can be done.

Give me some answers to the above questions.

Dr B

» Sudden immobilizing sharp pain in right side of back

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