Sudden Femoral nerve pain and I can't stretch out my leg or walk, just limp

by Julie Dunn
(Russellville,AR. USA )

Sudden femoral nerve pain and I can't stretch out my leg or walk, just limp; it's worrying when you've already had one "failed surgery".

After a spring break ride home for apx 7 hrs, I could not get out of car and walk right; had to limp as left leg pain is horrible and not getting better after 3 days. I have stenosis and failed l3/4 fusion and wondered if this from sitting so long. I couldn't even wear the seatbelt as it's so painful in the crease of the front of my leg.

Done ways I bend my back it shoots pains down the front femoral nerve area. Is this from my back? As neuro said L3 is bulging now j TD so painful but I can sit ok with little to no pain.

Do I need a Mri, X-ray a reg pcp or a neurosurgeon or will this go away? What can I do to help it? I'm on gabapentin 800 mg X 4, oxyicodone 10 and morphing ER 15 X2. And robaxin. (all for back pain). If this doesn't take pain away in worried another surgery is my only option.

Please advise; I've not injured it at all. Just rode in the car.
Thank you.

Hello Julie,
I confess I don't get it; you say you've had a failed fusion, yet you're thinking that another surgery is your only option.

There are always other options, but it depends on your philosophy. If you're looking for a quick fix, then perhaps you had better back to that surgeon, despite all the risks and your previous bad experience.

Sitting is the great enemy of the lower back; it's always likely to be a problem. Perhaps putting cases in the car started it. And will be in the future, so remember no 7 hour journeys without a break.

I too have had this exact problem. Stenosis with a prolapse at L3-L4. In fact worse because it extruded into the foramen and a fragment sequestered right into the spinal canal. Three years ago, and I remember the pain well; you're not muttering about nothing. You can read about it at chiropractic help using the search function; type in "femoral nerve damage". Today I dig in the garden, lift beehives and other heavy things, but every day with care, thought and I never leave bed without having done my exercises in the morning. I have no pain, but there's always a little reminder that I had a serious injury.

Luckily for me my daughter is an extremely good chiropractor; she fixed it. I had to stop for about two weeks, and then for another few months moved with great care, chose my chairs carefully, didn't sit too long and didn't bend much.

If you're prepared to go through those little disciplines and are patient enough for nature to do its thing, then with the help of a skilled chiropractor there's a fair chance you can avoid another surgery. Like I said, it depends on your philosophy of life.

If you want to give natural methods a chance, start hunting for a skilled, conscientious chiropractor. If you like what medicine has dished up for you, and couldn't be bothered with the slower natural methods, then I'm sure the surgeon will accommodate you.

But you will have to stop for a period, and exercise your back daily from henceforth. You should anyway, even if you go for surgery, otherwise a third operation lies in wait.

Good luck, it's a weighty decision.

Dr B

» Sudden femoral nerve pain and I can't stretch out my leg or walk, just limp

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