Strange sensation in finger, back pain

by Seb

Inter scalene triangle

Inter scalene triangle

I'm very busy with my hands, both as a seriously practising guitarist and a computer programmer.

Since the last couple of days I've begun to feel a strange sensation of discomfort when I press my left index finger on the guitar strings. It's not a pain, more like a slight stiffness in the first joint (the one nearer to the fingertip) and a strange sensation in all the fingers that I can't describe properly.

I have also insistent lower back pain since last year, when I made a jump performing onstage and landed badly straight on my foot (after that, beginning the next day I had to stay one week in bed immobilized and since then I always suffer lower back pain, expecially after carrying big weights).

But also my upper back feels always rigid, and the sensation has been worse the last days.
Also, my neck often is rigid and contracted and this also has been an issue for these last days.

As a last addition, it is a very stressful period, with little sleep and lots of anxiety.
I'd like some guidance to address all these problems.

Thank you so much and best regards.

Hello Seb,
Let's start with the lower back pain. Obviously you had an injury when you jumped. I would start with the lower back exercises you'll find in the Navigation bar at Do them faithly EVERY morning before getting out of bed. If, in a month, the pain is not improving, then you'd better get to see a chiropractor. There are plenty in Italy.

That sensation in your fingers, could be local, simply an overuse syndrome. Before you start playing, go through an extensive warm up programme for your hands arms and shoulders - like you were preparing for a football match. Contact Al at Maestros of the guitar for some tips in that regard.

But it could be related to a problem in your neck, upper back or, since it affects all fingers, the first rib, next to the collar bone. Read more about "inter scalene triangle" at C-H.

Musicians have unique problems, often related to posture - the odd positions you find yourselves playing your instruments. Warm up, keep moving whilst playing and do other exercises for your arms. Make yourself a "arm exerciser" (use the Search this site function at C-H to find the link to this simple device that you make at home for about 5 euros. Get a good pulley.

I hope this contributes.

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Mar 10, 2012
This might help
by: Anonymous

If you are looking for a cheap fix Google specific stretches for the lower back and exercises. Otherwise I'd suggest going to a chiro as well as looking for someone who can do deep tissue massages. You can get them on your hands as well. Your body has a natural need do stretch and when we don't we get stiff.

My son has limited hand use they are weak so as a means to strengthen them I have him touch his fingers to his thumb several times a day. Finger exercises even though you use them constantly it wouldn't help to find something to strengthen them. Also resting them intermittently when you are on the computer it practicing guitar.

One simple stretch I use for my lower back is laying on the floor face up lifting one leg at a time and lower towards the opposite side then switch it helps tremendously. Hope this helps.


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