Stop smoking permanently

Stop smoking permanently and save at least ten years of your life.

When a book is still available from Amazon 25 years after it was published, and has been printed in TWENTY different languages, then you know that the author must have a success story to tell.

That success story could be yours. Allen was a 100 per day accountant, miserable after numerous failed attempts at what he knew was killing him, and then he got this smoking thing figured.

Stop smoking permanently by Allen Carr.

The success of the Allen Carr story is the removal of fear, the anxieties and fears of our phobias. At his clinics, "The only way to STOP SMOKING PERMANENTLY" has over a 95% success rate. Perhaps you need to attend one of them; they come with a money back guarantee. But perhaps you can do it just by reading his book.

If you go to one of his many clinics, you'll end up buying the book anyway.

Low back pain

Chiropractors will strongly recommend you quit smoking permanently for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that your low back pain will heal much faster.

This is a research based finding: smoking reduces the blood to the spine by furring up the arteries with atherosclerosis, starving it of oxygen Smoking is a cause of atherosclerosis (MedlinePlus, n.d.). Injuries heal more slowly.

Of course, there are at least 50 other good reasons why you yourself want to stop. Allen Carr will make it possible... the ball's in your court.

Direct cost of smoking

Obviously depending on how much you smoke, the weed is probably costing you directly about $2,300 per annum.

Add to that increased increased medical and chiropractic costs, replacing damaged clothing, dry cleaning, and so on.

There is also lost productivity. About 9% of a smoking worker's time is taken up by fiddling with cigarettes.

From the chiropractic coalface today

Avascular necrosis of the hip of a smoker.

Today a patient who a year ago had an attack of very acute lower back pain. That's fine. What's not fine is that ten years ago she had a very large smoking-induced aortic aneurism. That portion of the aorta was success replaced but the reduced blood supply to the hip left her with a severely diseased hip: avascular necrosis, lack of blood to the hip. For a time she was treated with cortisone and it's well known that 30% of patients with avascular necrosis of hip have been on high doses of cortisone.

Whatever, to the cost of smoking, for her, we have to add the price of major abdominal surgery and now a total hip replacement. I'm afraid my chiropractic help has been found wanting. But... in comparison to a year ago, she can sleep normally, work normally, takes no pain killers, but walking? With difficulty. It's the disability, not the pain, that's getting this otherwise fit 73 year old lady. She still has a part-time job.

She comes every 10 weeks for maintenance care for her lower back.

I think the X-ray of her right hip (reading left) speaks for itself. A mess. Another good reason to consider Stop Smoking Permanently ... cold turkey.

Stop smoking permanently

When a book like Stop Smoking Permanently  is still available from Amazon after 25 years, and is in twenty different languages, then you know you have a winner.

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