Stinging, burning and itching down both arms.

by Pam

I have had stinging, burning, itching pain down both arms for several years. Was diagnosed with brachialoradial pruritis at the onset. I went gluten free after a bout with (but unconfirmed by biopsy) of herpatiformis dermatatosis. By the time I got into the dermatologist, he basically made the diagnosis by photos. He did take three biopsies as described above but the lesions were all but healed. I started on dapsone but ended up with SIRS criteria and was hospitalized for a week within 3 weeks of starting the med.

As they could find no other reason for the severity of the illness, no one recommends I go back on the dapsone.

I suffer greatly with the burning, stinging and itchy feeling down both arms. More medical journal articles are leaning toward cervical radiculopathy instead of just sun damage as a reason for this. My PCP doesn't really understand how badly this affects my life. I can only relieve the pain with ice. I wake up clawing myself during the night or am unable to go to sleep because of the pain.

I am trying to find someone who might have some insight as to some help with this problem. If you need additional information, I could supply it. Thank you for taking the time to look over my problem.

Hello Pam,
Nasty business and I can't say I've had any such cases in the past, so take what follows with a pinch of salt!

This doesn't sound at all like a cervical radiculophathy, but for all that it would be interesting to have a chiropractor examine your neck.

Cervical adjustments often have effects far beyond what we would normally expect, should he find some definite signs of subluxations in the neck. There again, it could be chicken and egg; did the dermatosis cause the subluxation or vice versa? Both happen.

I'd be leaning towards an autoimmune response to some hitherto unknown stimulus, in which case you should be looking to far more general things. When did you take proper time out to smell the roses, and how good or bad is your diet? Are you getting regular, daily amounts of natural anti inflammatory foods in your food on a daily basis?

Are you exercising and there are a host of unknowns like various chemicals you may be smearing on your body.

My best suggestion is to become a health nut for some months; enjoy a holiday, take a serious, long look at your diet, avoid chemicals both on your body and in your food and start taking a regular walk or swim, or jog or cycle every day. Plant some daisies, and grow green beans; talk to God.

This may not be to your liking, but it's the best I have to offer. I have my doubts about a cervical radiculopathy. Do you have significant neck pain?

Let me know how you get on; there are others out there who will benefit from your experience.


Dr B

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