Stinging along the groin

I am 39 year female. I was diagnosed with urine infection in July. I go for a morning walk almost everyday and do a lot of chores. However, during that time I did an exercise lying down on my back and then raising one of my legs at a time. Also when I had UTI, I had an uncomfortable feeling along the joint connecting my hip to my right femur and around my right groin.

The pain subsided all by itself and after taking the prescribed antibiotic I recovered from the uti too. However, for the last one month the pain along the groin has returned. I cannot exactly say that it is stinging, neither is there any intolerable pain. Just slight pain, accompanied by an uncomfortable sensation. I have no idea what has happened to me. can anyone please help me out?

Hello Pristine,
There are a number of possibilities, aren't there always!?

A single leg raise normally is a good exercise, but it's vaguely possible you pulled a tendon or even caused a small hernia. Both unlikely. Prod around with your finger. Feel a lump?

Next pull your knee to the chest, whilst lying, and rotate the hip. Pull to the opposite shoulder. Compare the naughty leg with the good one.

Put your foot on opposite knee and let the knee drop outwards in the lotus position. Any groin pain? Those would point to the hip. Any family history of hip disease?

Next there are two cousins caused maignes syndrome and meralgia paresthetica that involve a pinched nerve that supplies the groin. Use the search function at this site.

Then there are referred pain syndromes from bladder, bowel, ovaries etc.

What's needed is a thorough chiropractic examination.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC


Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

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