stiff neck

by Merv
(honolulu, hawaii)

I play racquet ball. Recently I slipped and hit my head on the wooden floor. Now I have a stiff neck. Will chiropractic treatment help me if I have no pain? Should I instead look for a massage, like shiatsu, just too relieve the trigger points? Would a combination of both be better? Thankyou.

That's interesting, Merv, stiff neck of sudden onset with no pain. If you turn to the point of restriction, it still doesn't hurt? Does it just stop, with no ache or stab?

If it was muscular, I would have expected it to be sore too.

No harm starting with a couple of massages. It's the most conservative thing you can do and unlikely to make anything worse.

If you look in the navigation bar at chiropractic help, you'll some stiff neck exercises.

Give it a maximum of two weeks; if not improving then it's certainly time to see a local chiropractor. Also if you start getting headaches, or tingling or pain in your arm.

Dr B

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Nov 29, 2015
stiff neck
by: Anonymous

Hi Dr. B,
There is no pain. The right/left rotation of the head just stops. If I force it, there is a little discomfort but I won't call it pain. Thanks.

If it continues, Merv, I think xrays are needed; sudden onset of stiffness with no pain is unusual.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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