stepped backward off a chair tucked bone under what can i do about it.

by Willie bequette
(Dexter Missouri USA)

Tucked tailbone under with a dull pain


Hello Willie,
I'd start immediately with a coccyx cushion. It's shaped in a ring, taking pressure off the coccyx. Get it from an orthopaedic store.

Then it depends on whether there has simultaneously been an injury to the sacro-iliac joints or the lumbar spine. There you will have to use your common sense: does bending hurt, do movements of the spine or walking hurt, or are they limited?

Usually as chiropractors we reduce the subluxation externally which can be done in the majority of cases, but occasionally an internal is necessary. Not pleasant, but not painful, just awkward and usually very effective immediately.

Shop around and look for a chiropractor who treats the coccyx. An X-ray may be necessary to rule out fracture of the coccyx or sacrum.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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