Stenosis and herniated disk L4/L5 36 years old

Stenosis and herniated disk L4/L5 36 years old

Dear Sir,

I have a lot of respect for the advice on your website. Indeed, it was your website's insistence on not sitting down which, I believe, took my condition from severe radiating nerve pain to lower back/hip and sometimes thigh/backside pain.

I realise there are many factors which have to be figured and then it's a case of trial and error but, what would you recommend for spinal lumbar stenosis?

Obviously I have lots of data concerning my condition, including and MRI (which showed stenosis and a 5mm L4/L5 herniation).

Generally speaking my pain now (after 2 years), is brought on by walking and light activity, which leaves me in excruciating pain immediately after.

Pain is relieved by sitting and bending forwards.

For the first 6 months post injury, I couldn't walk more than 50 meters without having to sit or crouch down, this has improved to an awkward walk (with a slight limp). I have visited around 8 specialists who insist on surgery, but I am afraid of the consequences.

I am hoping the herniation will dry up/dissipate leaving me with more room within my spinal canal which, inspite of my stenosis, may be enough for a pain free existence.

I am also looking into a DIAM implant.

Am I on the right track?

Best regards

Thanks Scott for the compliments. It's letters like yours that make me realise it's worth all the effort.

Interesting that you get relief on forward bending. That is indeed a sign of lumbar stenosis, but I wouldn't have expected it with a disc protrusion, and at your age. Stenosis occurs more in older folk. But you probably have a hereditary "trefoil" shaped canal. Dad also have problems?

And having to squat for relief is also typical.

You make no mention of exercise. Obviously walking has to be in very small doses as you are getting what is known as claudication - a nerve starved of oxygen when you walk. But swimming? Backstroke? And our simple lower back exercises ...?

Surprisingly, lumbar stenosis is one of the conditions that responds rather well to gentle chiropractic. We can't change the anatomy of your canal, but the dynamics indeed.

This degenerative lumbar disc disease casefile isn't really at all similar to yours, but will perhaps give you an idea of what can be achieved.

Whilst you are much better than two years ago, I have a sense you are still pretty disabled. Unable to walk... is Find a good chiropractor your next stop? I'm not sure. Certainly I would only consult someone with a good deal of experience, and be prepared for exacerbation of symptoms initially.

Does the Slump test for sciatica still give you leg pain?

I fear this hasn't contributed much.

Dr B

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Dr. Barrie Lewis

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