Started with left arm feeling numb/tingling now my right one is.

by bryan

24/m 6'0 160, non smoker, haven't had alcohol in 40 days, symptoms started ~2 weeks ago. Rather healthy diet/lifestyle.

For the past two weeks, my left arm about halfway down the bicep to the hand only on the pinky/ring finger (mid/index/thumb fine) would feel tingly and like the circulation was cut off. As if my blood pressure was being taken and my arm fell asleep and could not come back to life. It would feel cold and throbbing, not as much pain but more the unnerving awkward feeling which is scarier to me. My left big toe would also feel cold and have a throbbing feeling much like heartburn and the knuckle in front felt like it needed to be cracked.

This went on for two weeks, at random times throughout the day, hard to tell how long it would last each time. Last night I felt like it peaked, it was the worst I felt it in the last two weeks, woke up this morning and it was still off but got better. Now it is all in my right arm, half way down the bicep, strong feeling around the elbow and fore arm, and pinky/ring ringer cold.

Had right big toe pain as well which has subsided. This is very similar to the level of pain I felt yesterday in the left side, and it came out of no where. I also feel like my neck on the right side is a bit off maybe stiffer/sorer. Left arm and hand feels a lot better now like 90%, but scared it won't stay this way. When I raise my hands over my head, the arm that is affected definitely feels an unwanted flash of warmness.

I do not know what is going on, this seems to have come out of no where. Is it likely I have MS? My coordination does not seem off, balance is also fine and no mobility is lost during these attacks.

Thanks for reading/input.

Bryan, this is complex which is why you don't what's happening. To be honest, I don't either.

What's needed is a careful and thorough examination of your neck and arms. It could be a problem in the inter scalene triangle where both the artery and nerves to arm go; it usually affects the lowermost trunk which supplies the pinkie and ring finger.

But there really are a host of possibilities. It's unlikely to be MS, but yes we are more concerned when it affects both your arms. MS usually starts in the eyes.

Try to figure how what relieves and aggravates the tingling, and see a local chiropractor.

Dr B

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