stable t12 wedge undisplaced right calcaneus

by Gilli

Hi My daughter had a fall from approx 3 meters sustaining a stable T12 wedge and an undisplaced right calcaneus fracture this happened on 16th June 2012 we are due to go on a long car journey on 28th July (11 hours) can I please have your views as to whether this is going to be possible as I am concerned about her sitting for such a long time in a car seat is there any way that I can make it safe for her back.

Hello Gilli,
That's nasty. Frankly this is a question you should address to your doctor, but my gut feel is that it would not be wise. Not even three hours. Those are serious fractures, even if stable and undisplaced, and certainly won't have healed in six weeks.

Lying on the back seat of a car, or SUV is sometimes an option, if it's vital she travel, but my thoughts are that this is one summer holiday you should spend at home. Fractures result in bleeding, and any bleeding around the cauda equina is potentially very serious. (near T12) Does she have any tingling in the legs? Bladder and bowel movements normal?

Depending on the circumstances, I'd start a patient on "Maigne's syndrome exercises" in a few weeks but they need to be done under guidance of your doctor. At C-H, you can use the Search this site function. Too soon now.

In the early stages of injuries like these, it's an orthopaedic problem. In a couple of months, mobilising of these joints is vital to prevent immobilisation arthritis setting in, and that's the time to think of seeing a local experienced chiropractor.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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