Stabbing, intermittent shin pain and throbbing hip pain with ache in thigh only when resting

by Suza

Out of the blue, came sudden onset of stabbing pain in right shin bone, about midway, between ankle and knee. Pain was so intense it caused me to jerk my leg in effort to relieve pain. This only happens when I'm sitting up in bed, relaxing.

It's better and not as frequent but now my hip, on the same side, throbs and I have accompanied pain on top of thigh, sometimes inside of thigh. My knee is never involved.

Sometimes I notice and feel involuntary muscle movement in same thigh. All of these symptoms occur on right side of body. It only happens when I am in this position and resting.

I am 63, active walker, swimmmer and garden. I don't take meds for this and haven't seen a doc. Thank you. I have enjoyed reading you responses and suggestions of ruling out certain problems.

Hello Suza,
The pain you describe does appear to follow the femoral nerve distribution, and the involuntary muscle contractions you are feeling sound like fasciculations; when a muscle is denervated.

What doesn't fit is that you report no back pain; it's possible you have spinal stenosis which often causes more leg than back pain, but even so, there remains uncertainty.

Try pricking your leg with a needle and comparing with the other leg; is there a difference?

And then bounce on your leg with a slightly bent knee; does it feel like the knee is going to give; are you limping? A weakened quadriceps muscle usually causes a profound change of gait. Your foot's not drooping?

Clearly what's needed is a thorough examination; I wouldn't delay.

Dr B

» Stabbing, intermittent shin pain and throbbing hip pain with ache in thigh only when resting

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