sprained ankle

by Maria
(Athens, Greece )


I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago; went to hospital, and had x-ray, and been wearing an air cast and on crutches. Today is the last day og the air cast - was told to take it off after 2 weeks, and start walking on my foot.

Swelling is down in ankle as well as bruising, but my toes and ball of foot are still rather swollen and numb, and today I noticed that my left hand and fingers are also tingling and numb. Came on suddenly, but has not been getting better. Is there some relation?
Appreciate any help.
Thank you.

Hello Maria,
No, there's no direct correlation, but when you start limping, there's often a knock on effect in the spine or pelvis. You may have also injured your neck when you fell.

Keep icing the ankle, and start doing the "alphabet exercises" that you will find at chiropractic help. Use the search function in the navigation bar on your left.

If the improvement doesn't continue, get an opinion from an orthopaedic surgeon.

Dr B

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Jul 24, 2015
Helpful and fast.
by: Maria

Thanks very much for your help and insights. Your answer made me realize that perhaps my left hand is tingling and rather numb from the type of crutches I have; and that my left hand simply isn't as strong as my right, as I'm right-handed. You've put my mind at ease, and I will look up the exercises.
You're awesome.

Ah, I wish that was the case, Maria, but after nearly 35 years in health care one does learn a thing or two.

Keep thinking, and be prepared for any new developments, should there be any.

Dr B

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