Sprained ankle and am experiencing pains in knee and thigh

by B

Three weeks ago I sprained my right ankle while playing soccer. I was running and my foot went to the side and I heard a "pop". I immediately experienced pain on my ankle and placed an icepack on my ankle. I was not able to put any weight on my right ankle and had trouble walking. I went to the ER and they got X-rays of my ankle. The doctor said it was just a sprain and to rest it. I experience pain in my knee and thigh; can that be due to my sprained ankle? I can't stand for long or I experience pain in my ankle.

Also, on the same foot I hurt my big toe about a month and a half ago. I hurt my toe while playing soccer. I played 3 games in one day and afterwards my toe hurt. Whenever I kick a soccer ball it hurts my toe really bad.
Thanks for your help.
P. S.
This is the first time I've sprained my ankle and had to use crutches.

Hello B,
The rule is, if the pain persists and there is clinical suspicion of a fracture, then a repeat xray should be taken. Views taken immediately after the injury may not show up the fracture, as there is insufficient swelling in the crack to open it up enough so that it can be visualised.

However in all probability it's the subluxated mortise or subtalar joint that is causing your problem, and that cannot be seen on an xray.

Look for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; sports injury specialist.

Dr B

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