Sore upper right thigh and weakness when walking

by Rosie

Is it stiffer and tighter and painful compared to the other hip?

Is it stiffer and tighter and painful compared to the other hip?

Had a walking problem in my right upper thigh since 2015. People said I looked like I was limping. Had new orthotics, got new runners. Lately since Aug 2017 I can't walk or stand or bend over my right knee as very painful in upper thigh. Feels like I'm carrying my right leg when walking and easier to let foot drag on ground when walking as less effort to lift leg for follow through.

I've had nerve conduction tests and am waiting for the results.

I have got existing psoriatic arthritis. Have had blood tests, MRI of c-spine, lumbar and thoracic, all fine. Went to podiatrist; said left leg 1cm shorter than right. She put leg raiser on left shoe.

Still no difference. Suffering depression & anxiety because of this. Am seeing new rheumatologist in a couple of weeks.

No quality of life. Just want right leg to be relaxed when walking like left leg is and free of pain.

Thank you.

What missing in all this Rosie is an x-ray of your pelvis, and perhaps the whole right femur. This sounds like a hip problem.

Lie on your back and pull your first your left knee to your chest, make a circle and then drop your leg into the lotus position. Remember what you feel.

Now repeat this with your sore upper right thigh. What's the difference?

Have the x-ray taken standing, erect in radiological jargon; it will confirm the anatomical short leg.

There's an important difference between weakness with and without pain; the latter suggests a 'paresis' or neurological weakness. But any joint that hurts will give the impression of being weak.

Let me know and if possible add a scan of the x-ray; at least the report.

Dr B

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