Something snapped when I lifted a heavy table

by Carol
(Cincinnati, OH )

Something snapped when I lifted a heavy table needs to evaluated if it continues beyond a few weeks, and especially if there are headaches or radiating tingling in the arms and hands.

As I was lifting a heavy table several months ago, something in my neck literally snapped and I nearly passed out. Since then, certain neck movements engender the same sharp, sudden pain. It's on the right side about two inches behind the ear and two inches below the base of the skull in what seems to be a soft area of muscle/ tendon. How serious and/or uncommon an issue might this be? And what might be done about it?

Hello Carol,
Any condition that has continued for several months should be considered serious. Worse, in the neck, research shows that if it's still there after six months, you'll have to for the rest of your life, no matter what treatment you have.

If it's causing headaches, or any symptoms in your arm, then I'd get some x-rays taken.

And yes it's certainly not uncommon; every chiropractor will be treating several people daily with a story something like yours. Sometimes it's routine, and occasionally stubborn and difficult. Having had it for several months I doubt one click and you'll be right as rain!

Dr B

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