sleeping vertigo

by Lata
(Mumbai, India)

Sleeping vertigo may respond to the Epleys or the Brandt Daroff habituation exercises.

Hello, I am Lata from Mumbai (India). I,m a 30 year old women. I am suffering from sleeping vertigo; can Epley manoeuvres exercise will help me to cure my dizziness.

As I have been facing this problem for quite some time my medicines were going on but Dr has advised me if I feel vertigo I should take the tablets. I want a permanent solution for this so need your advice.

Hello Lata,
To be honest, I'm not sure what sleeping vertigo is; does it waken you, or does the disturbance begin in the morning when you move your head?

However, there's not harm in trying the Epley manoeuvres, or a home remedy for vertigo.

In the short term, the remedy will probably provoke the symptoms; don't be anxious about that.

A neurologist could determine which semicircular canal is involved and which of the Epley's in appropriate.

Dr B

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Feb 17, 2017
Sleeping Verigo..
by: Anonymous

Hello Dr,

Thank you for reply.

Sleeping Vertigo basically happens at midnight when I sleep and also in case if my sleeping position is not proper which may affect my back and neck area; due to this I feel bad vertigo but it will be for short period time. I can feel as everything moving which is annoying.

It has happened in the day time as well once; as soon as I start taking medicines it will stop. I want to know why this is happening and want to get rid of it. "While Sleeping i feel vertigo" Please suggest something which will help me.



Hello Lata,
There are different kinds of vertigo, and I'm unsure that you have what is known as BPPV; what you describe is atypical, but it's possibly provoked by movements of your head whilst you are asleep; that's not the way most folk get it.

Have you seen a neurologist; that's what I recommend.

Dr B

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